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One Time Donation

You can make a huge difference in the lives of the disadvantaged with a one-time donation. We use single donations to fund important short-term initiatives that have long-lasting impacts, such as:

Animal and seed distribution to poor families: An initial investment to support animal husbandry or farming can put a poor family on the road to financial security.

Poultry Project: We are setting up a chicken house to teach chicken rearing techniques to those we help at the centre, as well as to the wider community. The sale of eggs and chicks will also provide income to support centre projects.

Health awareness: Campaigns to raise awareness about two common health problems in Kitega, malaria and HIV/AIDS, enable community members to make behavioural changes that reduce their risk of infection.

Health services: We organize one-time, community-wide health drives to provide much-needed services such as dentistry, eyesight checks, and HIV/AIDS testing and counselling. For many people, this is their only access to health care.

Village Community Banking (VICOBA): VICOBA provides community members, especially poor, rural women, with entrepreneurial skills to start sustainable, income-generating projects that improve their standard of living. A 12-week VICOBA training course can jump-start long-lasting change by shifting people’s attitudes, fostering a culture of saving, and giving the disadvantaged the confidence to improve their own lives.

Community Capacity Building: UMOJA (church and community mobilization) training, seminars and workshops for local teachers increase skills and knowledge, enabling the whole community to be involved in development initiatives and spreading the impact of Kitega’s activities far and wide.

We make every effort to maximize the impact of your one-off contribution, so please make a donation today!


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