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Community Resource Banking

In 2010, the Kitega Centre introduced the Community Resource Banking model to help lift communities out of poverty.

The model provides essential training, support and encouragement, empowering people to work together to create a community built on sustainable development.


Participants are provided with three months of skills training, which allows them to:

  • Build and deepen community
  • Mobilise locally available resources and recognise that that greatest resource is myself.
  • Start Income generating or Community benefit projects
  • Improve Livelihoods
  • Self-empowerment
  • Leadership Development

For the last seven years the centre has trained over 700 people equipping them with the Community Resource Banking Skills, and over 20 community Resource Banking groups in 20 communities have established Village Community Banking groups (VICOBA) and these are transforming communities.

VICOBA is not a microfinance model that focuses on saving and credit. It is self discovery, dreaming, collective action, transformation, local resource mobilisation, mindset shift, community etc it is about helping communities to thrive and flourish.

Community Resource banking has become a community mobilisation tool that inspires people to think about what they can do to change their communities.

The VICOBA groups  are pioneering development initiatives in their communities. Over 600 community members in 20 communities are working collectively to improve their lives.

Beneficiaries of the Community Resource Banking model define it as follows;

  • VICOBA is community
  • VICOBA is a lifestyle for people to do something for themselves
  • VICOBA is Hope
  • VICOBA is a model that helps people bring about positive change in their lives and community.
  • VICOBA is working together.
  • VICOBA is Happiness
  • VICOBA is Love
  • VICOBA is transformation of individuals and communities
  • VICOBA is Community
  • VICOBA is an invitation to self-discovery.
  • VICOBA is pursuing of one’s dream for God’s glory and the good of others.
  • VICOBA is Working hard



What is the Impact of Community Resource Banking:

The model has helped in building and deepening community – improving community relationships and creating a sense of unity.

In addition it has improved family relationships, and we have recently realised that it is a great tool in helping address Domestic and gender based violence. Men and women working together to lift themselves out of poverty.

Collective action, the model emphasises the need to help others achieve their dreams as the key to achieving personal dreams and this has created a sense of collective action which has resulted into:

  • Discovery of self and the need to recognise everyone as valuable in the development process.
  • Identifying and utilising locally available resources, this has also improved the saving culture of individuals
  • Establishment of collective income generating and social benefit projects; i.e agricultural projects, early child ;learning schools to provide education etc

Improved Self – esteem

Increase in household incomes

Self employment opportunities created, and this has increased the

New houses built

New businesses started

Education for the children especially the girls among others…