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Adult Literacy & Vocational Education

Literacy: Our Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) program teaches essential reading and writing skills to help individuals participate in the VICOBA program and succeed in other income-generating initiatives. Through our program, parents can also discover the value of education and become equipped with the knowledge to help their children with their with schoolwork. We are currently in the process of developing a two-year FAL program, with the goal of 500 adults successfully completing the program by 2017.

Vocational and Skills Training: Kitega Community Centre provides vocational and other skills training; not just for the parents of the children we serve, but also for members of the wider community. Our overall aim is to increase the employability of adults within the community, so that families have sufficient resources to adequately provide for their children.

Within our strategic plan is a commitment to increase local support for our programs, which means that increasing income levels throughout the community is an essential part of our long-term success.

Our vocational training program currently offers courses in tailoring and computer literacy. Over time, we hope to increase our course offerings to include carpentry, hairdressing and salon management. Our skills training program covers such areas as animal husbandry, focussing on rearing goats, pigs and chickens.