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Orphans & Vulnerable Children

5Kitega Community Centre supports orphans and vulnerable children in the communities served. Most of these children come from the same families as the disabled children, and a majority of the orphans we have at the centre lost their guardians due to HIV/AIDS. As with the disabled children, Kitega centre provides a wide variety of programs and services to meet the children’s basic needs, to promote their educational development, and to increase their access to healthcare. These children attend formal classes and on weekends come to the centre for different activities that empower them. By 2017, we aim to support 100 orphans and vulnerable children.

Initiatives under the Orphans & Vulnerable Children program include the following:

Child Sponsorship:

art-work1A number of children lack the necessary resources to attend school, and through the Centre’s Sponsorship program, some of the children have been taken on by sponsors from around the world. Sponsorship helps the children to pay for school fees, uniforms and learning resources.

Sponsorship costs a total of $180 (US) a year per child.

To sponsor a child you can email us at

Scholarship Fund:

The number of orphans and disadvantaged children at the Centre has increased over the years, and there are still a lot of children that have not been successfully matched with sponsors. Through the scholarship fund, we help the children’s parents cover some of the costs of schooling.

The fund is a contribution from willing donors and supporters of the Centre, both internationally and locally.

Global Dignity:

Kitega Centre joins the world in celebrating the annual Global Dignity Day, which is held in October. On this day, we organize workshops, lectures, school assemblies and artistic performances to highlight the importance of living a life of dignity and self-respect. On this day, the children get to share what dignity means to them.

Global Dignity Day reminds the disadvantaged children that they are worthwhile and deserve to live a life of dignity and respect.

Vocational Training:

As with the disabled children, orphans and vulnerable children also receive vocational and technical training in order to ensure that they can find jobs to support themselves and their families. Vocational training programs have focused on skills such as raising animals (e.g., chickens, goats and pigs), farming (in the community garden), tailoring, and computer skills.

Sports and Games:

All children deserve the opportunity to play and to just be children. With the help of international volunteers, Kitega Centre has organized soccer and other sporting events to foster fun, teamwork, sportsmanship, and collaboration.

Project Porridge

Children taking porridge at school

Children taking porridge at school

Project Porridge feeds the children while they are in school. The program was established when we noticed that many children were coming to school hungry because they had not had breakfast and/or they had walked long distances to school and needed more sustenance during the day. Project Porridge is hugely popular and effective; teachers and administrators have reported noticeable improvements in school attendance and performance since the program started.