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Legal Aid Project

The subject of Access to Justice is very important in any Human Rights discourse related to the empowerment of marginalised and Vulnerable people as it is pivotal for their protection, guaranteeing their dignity and well-being.

Proper and accessible justice systems will avail tools that are important for widening the bottlenecks that lead to marginalisation. Legal Aid is one of such tools.

The Kitega Community Centre is a registered legal aid service Provider with a team of 3 lawyers that run it.

With the integration of the legal aid ministry in its activities, the approach of the Centre has since changed from a mere giving of alms to vulnerable and marginalised persons to actually empowering them through access to justice systems with the view of helping them achieve their full potential by overcoming their social and economic stiflers.

Over the past 18 months, Kitega Community Centre has reached out to communities with the proactive approach of empowering the marginalised through legal aid. Regulation 21 of the Advocates (Legal Aid to Indigent Persons), 2007 provides for the forms of legal aid to include Representation in courts of law, mediation, Conciliation, Legal Advice and counseling

Through the legal representations for bail, the successful sessions of conciliation, the counseling and the meditations we are convinced that legal aid is one of the most potent tools of bridging the gaps that hinder the marginalized from achieving their full potential.

85% of the population is termed indigent because they are unable to meet costs of professional legal services. This r

aises the fear of widening the scope of marginalized persons if nothing is done about it.

The legal aid has the potential to empower more communitiies.    Together, let’s make it happen