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Ideas for a better Community

Facilitating community-owned and driven development: Kitega Community Centre believes that members of the local community are the best experts on their situation. This means that they also have the best solutions to change their circumstances.

Once given the opportunity to brainstorm different ideas to improve the community, we can have a bank of ideas which can be implemented to tackle the different community challenges.

To encourage continuous innovation in the community, the Kitega Community Centre launched the Ideas for a Better Community Competition (IFABCOC) on 1st April 2013.

Click here for August 2013 winners

The competition runs twice a year and the best three ideas are selected and the winners are awarded.

The purpose of the small awards is to support the implementation of the innovations that have been selected.

  • First award: winner chosen by the Board of Trustees (Board of Trustees Award)
  • Second award: winner Chosen by the Executive Committee (Executive Committee Award)
  • Third award: winner chosen by the community (Community Award)

We began the competition with the following awards and we hope to increase the dollar amount of the awards as the competition continues.

  • First award: USD$70
  • Second award: USD$50
  • Third award: USD$40



The competition is open to all of the Kitega Centre beneficiaries and members of the local community.

Selecting the winners:

The respective committees carefully sift and screen the ideas, ensuring that the selected ideas are feasible and can be replicated and/or scaled to make significant impacts in the community.

For the Community Award, the Kitega Centre will use the VICOBA committee to select three ideas and later invite the larger community to vote and choose the best idea.

Participants should be able to defend their ideas and show their commitment to bring the ideas to live.

The purpose of the award is to help the chosen participant start on the idea, or to further invest in the idea. In addition, the wider community members can have the opportunity to learn and witness the idea come into fruition.

Award Sponsors

You can support the Better Community Competition by making a donation to the awards fund. Your generosity will be recognized at the award ceremony. Please email us at for more information.

1st Competition Update (August 2013):

1st place idea: to use a labor-lending scheme to build latrines for households in the community. Community members would form groups of about 30 people, and each person lends his or her labor to help build latrines for all group members. Using this labor-lending scheme, a latrine can be built in two weeks and costs can be reduced by 80%.

2nd place idea: to grow and sell mushrooms. This will be done by the disadvantaged children; the earnings will be used to support the children themselves and their families.

3rd place idea: to make charcoals from discarded products. This will recycle waste in the community and slow down the cutting of trees for firewood.