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Committed Donor

1Kitega Community Centre is a donor-supported organization, meaning we rely on contributions to fund the programs we implement. To ensure we have a steady source of revenue, and to prevent disruption to our programs and services, we would like to build a network of regular donors.

We have therefore created a donor membership program, which includes several annual donation levels. While the donations are annual commitments, you can make your contributions in monthly installments, if you prefer.

Membership Circles and Levels of Commitments:

Supporter of Kitega Community: US$50 or less per year
Friends of Kitega Community: $51-100 per year
Helping Hand Circle: $101-$200 per year
Benefactor’s Circle: $201-$499 per year
Patron’s Circle: $500 + a year

Your contributions will enable Kitega Community Centre to provide programs and services that meet the needs of the community all year round, including:

  • Project Porridge, which feeds the children while they’re at the centre, as well as supporting children at the nearby Katungulu school
  • Academic and vocational training for children and adults
  • Scholarships for disadvantaged children to enable them to attend school
  • Medicine for those with chronic illnesses, such as epilepsy
  • Functional Adult Literacy

partner-educAs a donor, you will be our partner in the fight against poverty, disease, and hopelessness. You will receive regular updates, including:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Board meeting summaries
  • Annual reports
  • Photo and video updates
  • Letters and emails from the children and community members


In addition, we hope to facilitate communication among our donors in order to foster a sense of community and solidarity among all who are involved in the Kitega initiative. Therefore, you will have a chance to network and socialize with fellow compassionate donors from around the world.

However, the greatest benefit of being a donor is the joy that comes with knowing that you are making a positive impact in the lives of poor families and disadvantaged children.

Click here to download the donor commitment form. The completed form should be returned by email to:


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