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Jess at Kitega!

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, I spent three months volunteering at the Kitega Community Centre as a health educator. It was my first experience leaving the United States, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to be. My time at the Centre was life-changing

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Building a Culture of Savings

In Trinidad and Tobago (and other islands), in addition to traditional banking, we have an informal, community-based form of saving called “sou-sou” where a group of family members, neighbors, friends or co-workers come together to pool their funds.  In the French language, “sou” is used as slang for “a small

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Amy Kirkwood – Volunteering at Kitega

I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived in Uganda to spend a month at the Kitega Community Centre. The first thing that you notice when you arrive at the centre is how happy the kids are. When the car pulled into the centre all the kids crowded

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Sophie Gauss

You cannot come to Africa and expect things to run as they do at home, that is the first most important thing you take from your experience here. It is a whole different way of doing things, and on very different timekeeping scales. Life is relaxed, work is relaxed, and

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Raquel Silva at Kitega

It was my first time as a volunteer… My first time in Africa… My first time alone in a travel to a country with a foreign language… But the will of helping the needed ones was bigger than all the fears! Being in Uganda with the Kitega and Katungulo children

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