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Christmas 2016

What will you give this Christmas! Share the joy. Make a christmas Donation and have this gift matched before the 15th December 2016. An anonymous donor has offered to match all the Kitega Christmas gifts to a tune of USD$1500. Every $ given will be doubled!!! Help us bring spread

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Tearfund’s Clive Mather at Kitega

  David and Clive We came to the Kitega Centre and were thrilled to meet David, his team and the wonderful community they serve. Ann was fascinated by the jewellery and craftwork being produced and sold by the women’s group. I was delighted to see first hand the impact of

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October 2016 Update

Receive the warm greetings from the entire team at Kitega Community centre. We are excited to share some of the events that have occupied the bulk of our time in the past few weeks Holidays continued The children at the centre had a brief 3-week holiday. This is a really

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August 2016 Update

The Children: The centre children are well and progress continues to be registered for each of them everyday. In the past few months, emphasis has been put at the nature of their livelihoods at home as well as their academic progress in school.      When the children are on

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Kitega in the News

Washington — The Kitega Community Centre in rural Uganda has emerged as a global model for volunteer networking, capturing a top United Nations award for online volunteering in each of the last two years. When its coordinator, David Clemy, took over the center, which focuses on local health issues, he

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Children and Poverty

In Uganda, Kitega village’s main activity is agriculture; however, the standard of living remains low due to unemployment and poverty. Children are therefore, neglected and not given the attention and care they need and deserve. Environment plays a crucial role in the development of children’s brains. According to the Guardian,

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September 2015 Update

CHILDREN ACTIVITIES “They are beautiful each with a story, hands for holding and hearts for loving” Lindsey Nakawooya Pellitierri There has been a plethora of Children activity over the past few months and no bulletin can be so detailed to narrate it all. We hope to give you a tip

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The Art of Volunteering

The United Nations defines volunteerism as ‘a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges worldwide [where] everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action, and their combined efforts can be a significant force for achieving peace and development’ (UNV, 2015). The origins of volunteering date

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