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September 2017 -Update

The last few months have been filled with activity at the Kitega Centre. The children continue to register remarkable progress. Sign language: It is almost a year since we started offering professional sign language education to the deaf students. Shamin, Robert, Brian are doing well and can now communicate using

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Local communities making it Happen – Tusisimuke

Kitega community centre Tusisimuke (also know as Umoja) focuses on empowering and equipping the local church to address the needs in its community. This year the Kitega Centre has partnered with six new churches. The churches have been envisioned and equipped to address several needs in the community. We are

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Project porridge

  Katugulu C/U primary school was set up by members of Katungulu village to provide education for their children.  Katungulu didnt have any affordable primary school, the children had to walk long distances to school. The community then worked together with the local church leadership to start up a school

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Tusisimuke – Church and Community Mobilisation

Kitega Community Centre’s Tusisimuke (the Church and Community Mobilisation for Holistic Development programme), was launched in six communities in March 2017. Following the Church envisioning, local disciples were equiped with skills to facilitate Holistic development in their local churches. The six churches have now started their local church projects, it

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Church and Community Mobilisation for Holistic Development

Serving the poor also  worship. The Church and Community Mobilisation for Holistic Development process (Umoja) helps the Kitega Community Centre reach out to the wider community.  The Kitega – Centre envisions and equips the local church to meet the needs of its community, and this facilitates Holistic mission. CCMHD (Umoja)

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The year ahead!

The 2016 Kitega Community Centre Annual Report was released February 17th on our website, detailing the centre’s program advancements and accomplishments over the year 2016. The Centre is coming closer to attaining their five year strategic plan goals (2013-2017). Notably, the centre hosted 54 children with disabilities and 40 disadvantaged

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Christmas 2016

What will you give this Christmas! Share the joy. Make a christmas Donation and have this gift matched before the 15th December 2016. An anonymous donor has offered to match all the Kitega Christmas gifts to a tune of USD$1500. Every $ given will be doubled!!! Help us bring spread

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