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UMOJA: Church Led Development


UMOJA is a community-capacity building program aimed at equipping church officials and congregants with the knowledge and tools to implement development programs in their own communities. We believe that the local churches can be good development partners. The local churches have strong relationships with the community and already possess some of the infrastructures needed to carry out development activities, such as buildings and land. Most importantly, church leaders and congregants already possess the motivation and passion to care for those in need. With the proper training and support, they can be great candidates to carry out well-structured development work in their communities.

By 2017, we hope to provide training and start-up capital to enable churches in 10 communities to implement family support programs and income-generating projects to improve the living standards of orphans, disabled and vulnerable children, their families and/or caretakers. We hope the UMOJA program will inspire and help other communities to replicate successful Kitega programs, and to expand our impact and reach. We are actively seeking funding and partners to carry out these capacity building activities. If you support the objectives of UMOJA, please contact us at to discuss how we can join hands to empower the local churches to successfully carry out their Christian duty to care for the poor and disadvantaged.