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September 2015 Update

“They are beautiful each with a story, hands for holding and hearts for loving” Lindsey Nakawooya Pellitierri
There has been a plethora of Children activity over the past few months and no bulletin can be so detailed to narrate it all. We hope to give you a tip of the iceberg and also motivate you to come over and personally share the Kitega experience and also encourage many more other people to consider being part of our mission.

This year we have emphasized the fact that children with disabilities are equally deserving of an exciting and prosperous future as anyone else. In a bid to achieve our 2017 dream of serving 200 people with disabilities, we enrolled a few more students in the past few months as our resources could allow. Some of them had been on the waiting list for a long time and frustration amongst the parents and guardians had started creeping in. We warmly welcome our rookies to the fold and we hope that they will have a gainful experience at the centre.

The children also carried out their first profit-fetching business at the centre. They were able to acquire 200 poultry birds. The children actively got involved in taking care of them, feeding them and looking for market for them. Agriculture being the core of Uganda’s national economy, the children were given the opportunity to learn and carryout productive Agriculture. For the first experience, the project presented the children with so many lessons to go back home with. The children also fed on the birds that were not able to be sold and improved on their nutrition. At the end of the project, many eyes looked to the future for even a better profitable venture in poultry. The children have also taken up lessons in sack farming. Vegetables and other fruits have been planted by the children they hope to harvest and enjoy fresh fruit before the end of the year. We thank their Teacher Lydia for taking them through these agricultural lessons.

Weaving has also been continued in the children’s curriculum and new trends in the crafts industry have been introduced to the children by some of our volunteers. Many thanks to Eva for this initiative.
The centre was able to acquire a visiting occupational therapist that monitors the progress of the children every week. He professionally advises the teaching staff on the individual instructional needs of the children. His efforts have helped the children have a more meaningful education at the centre as it best fits their needs and abilities. A comprehensive curriculum is also being prepared by Lindsey for each of the children.

We are grateful to our partners that have religiously kept their promise to feed the children whenever they are at the centre. Indeed the children have continued to benefit from the project porridge and we can safely report that none has been hungry for the days they have been at the centre.

The children also got sweaters to help them keep warm as they travel to the centre early in the morning. They now look smarter and are sure of warmth in the morning journeys in the centre. We are grateful to our Volunteer Beatrice who made this possible.
Hygiene has been emphasized in the past few months. Children are taken through a brushing session every single day they attend the centre. They now have healthier and brighter smiles. Other areas of health such as washing hands, killing germs and avoiding disease have been accentuated at the centre.

The community has continued to embrace the children as valuable members of the community. They are now viewed as honorable members of the community. We are grateful to the many schools and members of the community that continue to pay visits to the centre. They encourage the children, they smile with them they embrace them and share and experience their love.


The VICOBA project is the Centre’s extension to the community. The members of the Vicoba groups are the ambassadors of the Centres in the communities they live. They advocate for the rights and welfare of the children in their homes and promote awareness about the value and dignity imbedded in each of the special children in their communities. The groups are also a pool for resources of poverty alleviation and economic empowerment. The women and men in the groups have continued to save and borrow and their businesses have continued to progress as more capital and resource is now readily available to them. Be that as it may, the journey to prosperity is not a walk in the park, and many community members need to be continually trained on how best they can be released from poverty.

There have been numerous trainings for leaders of the Vicoba groups. These are aimed at giving leaders an opportunity to learn and harness effective skills of leadership. We have experienced a maturity in the way Vicoba administrative and leadership issues are being handled and we hope to continue with the leadership workshop to achieve better results.

The Vicoba groups have also been able to acquire a piece of Land where they will be able to practice Agriculture. It will also help the Vicoba groups enjoy the spirit of working together since this is a joint project. It will foster more unity in the community as resources are pooled to achieve a common goal.

The VICOBA executive hosted the 2nd VICOBA Camp at the centre from 3rd July -5th July. The theme of the camp was “All the fruits of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.” All-through the stupefying addresses and exciting activities in the camp, the participants were reminded of the value of the seeds they have today and the fruits they shall reap from them in the future. Topics such as Health, Family, Business, Faith, and farming were expertly delivered to the participants. The participants were also sensitized on the value of having a community that is inclusive to children with special needs. The camp was an unforgettable success and we are grateful for all those that made it happen.

THE VAN-Fund Fun-Fun
Kitega village witnessed the first ever Charity Run in those parts under the auspices of Kitega Community Centre. The aim of the run was to help to raise money to buy a van for the students to ease their movements to and from the Centre. The run was about 10km and many people successfully completed the Run. The entire locally organized fundraising run was able to garner approximately, USD$550 . Readers who are interested in supporting this cause may still do so on the website.

We are thankful to our team of Health experts led by Dr.Jessica, our resident health community educator, who have created awareness about the various diseases and how best we can live healthy and happy lives.community4
The community also benefited from a two –weeks training in first aid by Jenny and Hannah and the participants were awarded certificates of participation on completion of the course. We are looking forward to a healthier and safer community after this course.

There is also a new football team on the block. It is known as Kitega Community centre Football Club. It brings together young children who live around the centre. The overseer of this team is Clare O’Sullivan and we are looking forward to seeing them play at a national level in the years to come.


The Community Library
A community Library was also launched at the centre. It will be used by children and adults in the whole community. At the Launch of the Community Library, Clare O’Sullivan, reminded the community of a famous quote by Malala Yousazai:
“One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen Can Change the World”
She advised the Community to use the Library to expand their knowledge and defeat ignorance. We are grateful to Clare for making the Community Library Happen and we hope that many more well-wishers will take the opportunity to fledge the library.

Philemon ministry
“Change in Chains”
We continued to engage the prisoners on how best they can adjust their lives to be more meaningful and productive members of the community. Functional adult literacy classes have been on going, the gospel and love of God has been shared with them and many are on the path of transformation. We hereby call upon men and women across the world who have a passion for prison ministry to join us at the centre as we bring Change to those in Chains.

Read more about the Prison Ministry, Click Here

“ To know that one life has breathed easier because you lived…, this is to have a worthwhile Life.”
We congratulate all our esteemed volunteers that that have come from near and far not only to help the centre achieve its mission but also to share and experience the love of the children of Kitega and the entire community. Congratulations to you because you have made living for these children much easier. Your donations have helped fund many projects that will provide long lasting impacts. We thank you for loving the children and honoring them with your time. Your hugs and smiles have left an indelible mark on the hearts of the children and the community. You actions continue to remind us that only a life lived for others is life worthwhile.


We would like to specially thank Clare and Veronica who made their second trips to the Centre. The children thank you for all your love and they are looking forward to receiving you for the third time. The longest serving volunteer of the Centre by press time is Jessica DeBruyne, she has so spent an 3 months teaching the communities about how they keep healthy and happy, she has instructed the children at Katungulu school and in the villages about the precepts of hygiene and healthy living. We are grateful for your services and may God richly bless you.

We thank Lindsey who has dedicated her life to serve children and people with disabilities. She has been able to draw up a comprehensive curriculum that can be used by the teachers to instruct the children according to their needs and abilities. Thank you Beatrice for the sweaters, the children send you their warm greetings and love. Anna, Elena, Cristiana, Sergio, Eva, Joan, David and Francis you have surely warmed our hearts with your generosity and love. We thank Hannah and Jenny for teaching the community members the basics of first aid. Thank you also for loving and playing with the children and we are eagerly awaiting your longer return.

Editor’s note
We continue to put in prayer many of our stake holders that are sick. We specially remember our Patron Mr. Nicky King that God will continue to bring him to perfect Health.
The year is slowly fading away and we are glad that God has used many men and women to cause his Plan for the Centre to materialize. Kitega Community Centre Sends you much love and we pray that the faithfulness of god will be with you every step of the way.

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